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  1. Make a list of the materials and supplies needed for dough artistry.
  2. Why is it important to have clean hands and use hand lotion while working with bread dough?
  3. Explain the different techniques of tinting and painting the dough.
  4. What type of finish do you use to protect and give a glossy appearance to bread dough articles?
  5. Make at least two of the following flowers with leaves: rose, daisy, daffodil, dogwood, violet, grape hyacinth, carnation, iris, pansy, poppy, poinsettia, tulip, forget-me-not. (Bread dough cutters may be used.) Arrange flowers into four separate arrangements using containers of your choice. (Some suggestions: miniature baskets, shells, plastic flower pots, thimble, empty thread spools, vitamin bottle caps, etc.)
  6. Make one of the following using tinted dough:
    1. Sculpture arrangement
    2. Small wall plaque
  7. Make one of the following:
    1. Kitchen refrigerator magnet
    2. Pin
    3. Item of your choice