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  1. Give three Bible principles and two Spirit of Prophecy principles to support exercise.
  2. Give a report on the correct diet to maintain peak physical condition and how this was maintained for the duration of training. Include fluid intake during and pre- competition, and in-competition food intake.
  3. Do the following:
    • Give guidelines for correct training, including warm-up, stretching, injury prevention, prevention of overtraining, etc.
    • Present your regular training program.
    • List the correct equipment, including bike, shoes and clothing.
  4. Exhibit knowledge of the techniques of swimming, cycling and running.
  5. Compete in all three aspects of a recognized triathlon event, either solo or as a team member, where the triathlon is similar to:
    • Swim—500m
    • Cycle—15km
    • Run—10km
    • Within 4.5 hours.