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  1. Select a community or urban area that you’re familiar with and describe, to the best of your ability, the following information: location on a map, economic conditions, demographical description of residents (age, gender, most common jobs, etc.), degree of health access, crime rate, and education.
  2. List the needs you see in your community. This can include better support for low-income families, assistance for lonely or elderly people, and better clean up of public areas, etc.
  3. Listen to a community leader, teacher, church pastor, or police officer talk about ways that someone like you can make a positive impact in a community. Remember to take notes.
  4. Report in your own way to your Pathfinder Club about your findings and describe what you have specifically learned about the community you chose. Be creative.
  5. Describe the most important improvements your community needs and what you can do to help.