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  1. Satisfy the examiner that you have knowledge of different types of kayaks (Slalom, river, touring, sea); the uses for each and the equipment necessary for safe kayaking (helmet, life jacket, sprayskirt, bow and stern loops, flotation in kayak).
  2. Demonstrate an ability to enter and exit a kayak.
  3. Demonstrate ability to complete the following strokes
    • Straight forward and backward paddle
    • Left and right turn by forward and back paddling
    • Draw (sweep) stroke
    • Support stroke
    • Cross current paddling
  4. Explain the steps involved in Eskimo rolling and demonstrate the proper method of doing this.
  5. Explain how to repair a hole in fiberglass
  6. After completing a minimum of 2 training sessions complete either
    • An overnight kayak trip
    • Two day trips (one including some white water)