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(Instructor Required)
  1. Know and practice the safety precautions that should be followed while rock climbing.
  2. Be familiar with and know the use of the following equipment: carabineers, pitons (various types), jam nuts (various types), slings, and nylon climbing rope.
  3. Know how to care for coil and rope. Know how to tie and use the following knots: bowline on a coil, bowline on a bight, figure-eight, double fisherman’s, ring bend, and prusik.
  4. Know when to “rope-up” and type of rope team movement during Class 3, 4 and 5 climbing.
  5. Be able to describe the six different classes of climbing and methods of rating climbs.
  6. Demonstrate ability to static belay by belaying two climbers up in actual climbing. Show knowledge of proper body positions, braking surfaces, bracing and anchoring, and taking in the rope during the use of static belaying.
  7. Know and use the following climbing signals: belay on, climbing, climb, up rope, slack, tension, falling, rock, off belay, belay off, and belay to point.
  8. Demonstrate ability to prusik using prusik slings or ascenders. Ascend at least 10 meters of vertical rope.
  9. Demonstrate ability to properly free climb up to 5.3 (F5) difficulty on two different pitches with an upper belay. Understand and practice the following free climbing concepts: rhythm, looking ahead, weight over the feet, balance climbing and counter force climbing and jamming.
  10. Demonstrate ability to set up a rappel (using figure eight or other mechanical method) and retrieve the rope. Do at least two 15 meter rappels.