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  1. Show the two elements that make a rainbow.
  2. Find who saw the very first rainbow in Gen. 9:8-17.
  3. What is a covenant?
  4. What does the rainbow promise us?
  5. What colors make up the rainbow? Create your own rainbow with the colors in their right order.
  6. Where will we find a rainbow in heaven?

Supporting Answers

  1. Create a rainbow with water and light or demonstrate with a prism.
  2. Put each event of the story of Noah on index cards. Have children draw a card from a box or container and put in correct sequence.
  3. Find covenant in an elementary dictionary. Discuss the meaning with children until they understand that it means “promise.” Have the children print the word “PROMISE” on a card.
  4. Read Gen. 9:11 and/or Gen. 8:21.
  5. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. An easy way to remember the order is to think of the order as a man’s name—Roy G. Biv.
    • The following are the colors and examples of God’s awesome character: Red—Redeemer—Ephesians 1:7, Orange—Offering—John 1:29. The Lamb was a sacrifice offering for sin. Yellow—YEAH!—God is always cheering for us. He is always there cheering for us. (Example: The Lost Coin, Luke 15:8-10) Green—Giving—John 3:16 Blue—BIG—Our God is awesome (Example: Moses and the Red Sea) Indigo—Imannuel—Matt. 1:23 Violet—Victorious—Psalm 60:12
    • Rainbow craft: Using the felt strips, glue, dowel, glitter and printed words for God’s character, make a beautiful rainbow.
    • We are like little drops of “rain” that God uses to refresh the earth (our family, our home, our friends, our neighbors). When we let the light of Jesus shine through us, others will see the “rainbow” of His love. Invite children to let Jesus make their life like a rainbow.
  6. Revelation 4:3.