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  1. Know at least 20 nautical terms used in navigation.
  2. Name at least three aids to navigation and their functions. By whom are these maintained?
  3. Name six types of buoys. What do they mean and how are they used? Give the colors of the six you named. How are buoys numbered? How do they mark channels.
  4. Box a compass with eight cardinal points. Why is it so important in navigation? Where is it mounted in the vessel, and why?
  5. Name four of the most useful knots in seamanship. Know how to tie them and give their principal uses.
  6. Familiarize yourself with reading and interpreting a “chart.” Why is a chart so invaluable in unknown waters? Give some of the things a chart shows. Give the symbols used on a chart, or two of the most used buoys.
  7. When you are taking an active part in navigation, what are three of the best safety rules to follow?
  8. What does it mean to be properly equipped? Illustrate.
  9. What is meant by the “rules of the road” and by “proper water etiquette?”