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  1. Describe the elements of a good lead paragraph and the use and importance of headlines.
  2. Write a news article of at least three paragraphs using a good lead paragraph about something interesting that has happened in your church, school, home, or Pathfinder Club.
  3. What are the essentials for writing a good story?
  4. Know the difference between passive and active verbs, and give three comparative examples.
  5. Write to a publisher, requesting story-writing guidelines.*
  6. Write a story on one of the following:
    • How your family first accepted Christ, whether it was you, your parents, your grandparents, etc.
    • Personal experiences of answered prayer or divine guidance
    • An interesting pet that you have had
    • An experience you have had while at summer camp or on a camping trip
    • When God first became real to you as a friend and personal Savior
    • The most difficult thing about being a Christian today
  7. Submit a story or article to a Seventh-day Adventist publication.*
  8. Know how to write a cover letter to the editor for submitting your story or article and write a cover letter to the editor to include with your story or article.
  9. What education is helpful for getting into the career of journalism?
  10. What types of jobs are available for anyone who is interested in journalism?

NOTE: Good foundation work in grammar is a fundamental must for this honor.