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  1. Find several verses in the Bible that speak about bees.
  2. Draw the honey bee and tell how it is different from other bees and other insects. Color your picture.
  3. Within a colony, name the three types of bees and what their responsibilities include.
  4. Explain and draw the life cycle of the honeybee.
  5. What is the purpose of the scout bee’s dance?
  6. Make two bee crafts.
  7. Observe bees, if possible.

  1. Judges 14:8, Ps 118:12.
  2. Provide a picture for the children to observe while they draw the honeybee. Talk about what makes them special.
  3. Queen, Drone, worker.
  4. This cycle is similar to other insects.
  5. The scout bee discovers places for new hives and directs the other bees to it.