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  1. Teach each child how to make several hand shadow pictures.
  2. Once they have learned to make the hand shadows, ask the following questions:
    • Which hand shadow do you most enjoy?
    • Which was the hardest to learn?
    • Why was it more difficult?
    • Were there some shadows that you couldn’t make?
  3. Let children discuss how they would teach this skill to other children.
  4. With the help of your leader, practice teaching others to make hand shadows.
  5. Teach someone how to make two or more hand shadows.

Supporting Answers

  1. Create light and shadow indoors with a flashlight attached to the back of a high-back chair, overhead projector, or lamp. Shine a light on the wall, screen, or bed sheet that is stretched tight. Hand shadows can be done outside with natural sunlight and a backdrop of your choice.
  2. Discuss the questions. Help them to understand how they learned best and that all people learn at different paces and in different ways.
  3. Work with the children to develop rules for teaching others how to make hand shadows. Rules should include:
    • Asking the student how they learn best, such as listening to instruction, watching a leader, or doing it themselves.
    • Be patient.
    • Be kind and encouraging.
    • Congratulate them when completed.
  4. Parent assistance would allow one-on-one attention for each child as they practice teaching.
  5. Teach hand shadows to another child or an adult.