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  1. Define habitat and select one to study.
  2. Learn about your habitat. Record the day and time you looked at it and what you saw.
  3. Name, photograph, or draw a picture of the animals, insects, etc. that you see.
  4. Name, photograph, or draw a picture of the plants that you see.
  5. Describe your habitat and tell about interesting things that you learned.
  6. Find verses in the Bible that tell about your habitat.
  7. On which day did God create your habitat?
  8. Describe what you think the habitat of Heaven will be like.
  9. Create a habitat.

Supporting Answers

  1. Habitat: Distinctive and characteristic surroundings such as a pond or deciduous woodland. A habitat is determined chiefly by the vegetation. It can be a woodland area, a back yard, fruit orchard, or vacant lot. It can be as small as a tree or a rose bush and even be inside your home.
  2. This can be done in one outing, but more interesting if the habitat is visited more than once and at different times of day or night.
  3. Genesis 1:9-13.
  4. Isaiah 65:17-25; Revelation 22:1-5.
  5. Suggestions for creating a habitat:
    • Plant flowers that will attract butterflies.
    • Use real or artificial items to create a show box scene of the habitat you studied.
    • Have the class create a mural that combines all the habitats studied.