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  1. Define Geocaching.
  2. What is a GPS receiver?
  3. Demonstrate 2 ways of finding the location of a Geocache in your area on the Geocache website.
  4. Demonstrate entering the latitude and longitude coordinates into the GPS to find a Geocache in your area.
  5. Define the following terms:
    • Traditional cache
    • Micro-cache
    • Virtual cache
    • Multi-level cache
    • Travel bug
  6. What items may be left in a geocache? Which items may not?
  7. Know and practice good Travel Bug Etiquette
  8. Know and practice good Travel Bug Etiquette
  9. Find 3 Geocaches in your area, at least one of which must be a regular (traditional) cache.
  10. Write about your geocache find in your logbook on the geocache website.
  11. Discuss Matthew 6:19-21 and Jeremiah 29:13 and compare them to geocaching.
  12. Discuss safety concerns you should consider when geocaching.