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1. Explain the origins of pin trading, and how it got started in the Pathfinder Club.

2. Define the following terms:

a. Button

b. Clutch

c. Etiquette

d. Lanyard

e. Pin

f. Venue

3. Identify two of the most common types of pin backs, and demonstrate or describe how to safely attach and remove them.

4. Name at least five places where you can get pins for trading, including free or inexpensive pins. Collect at least three to five pins for trading from one or more of these sources.

5. Discuss at least five different methods of displaying your pins for trading. Choose a method you like and arrange your pins for trading.

6. Name five venues or events where pin trading is a popular activity.

7. Discuss the three F’s of pin trading etiquette:

a. Fun

b. Fair

c. Friendly

8. Discuss Matthew 6:19‐21 in light of trading and collecting pins. Include in your discussion:

a. How can one trade and collect pins without giving up our focus on heaven?

b. How can pin trading help us be more like Jesus?

c. What behaviors and attitudes should we avoid while pin trading?

9. Trade pins with at least five people you don’t know at a venue or event where pin trading takes place, using the “Fun, Fair, Friendly” principles of etiquette. Share with someone else or in a group any interesting stories or people you met while trading pins