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  1. Find three of the “fish stories” in the Bible:
    • Loaves and fishes (Mark 6:34-44 and Matthew 14:13-21)
    • Father knows best (Luke 11:11-13)
    • Jonah (Jonah 1-2)
    • Breakfast with Jesus (John 21:8-113)
    • Fishers of men (Matthew 4:18-22)
  2. Learn how fish served an important part in providing food for the pilgrims.
  3. Learn how to care for a pet fish.
  4. Learn about two fish that live in a lake or ocean that is closest to you and how to protect them.
  5. Play a fish game or complete a fish craft.

Supporting Answers

  1. Help the children find the scripture and review the stories.
  2. See resources below on the Indian Squanto.
  3. Ask someone who has a pet fish or works in a pet store to talk to the children, or get general fish care instructions from a pet store or library and discuss these with the children. Learn about care, food (when and what to feed a fish), and aquariums. Remember, our pet fish depend on us to care for them—they cannot care for themselves.
  4. Learn about two types of fish that live naturally. Discuss how we can help by keeping the water clean. Never put garbage in lakes or the ocean.
  5. Fish game:
    • Make a stick fishing pole with a string and magnet on the end. “Go fish” for goodies like little Bibles, stickers, gummie fish, etc.
    • Crafts: (also see resources below)
    • Make a paper plate aquarium: Use two paper plates, cut a round circle in one, put clear or blue-clear plastic wrap on it to make it look like a window into an aquarium. Place fish sticker and draw seaweed/plants on the uncut plate. Glue both plates together, so it is like an aquarium with see-through glass.
    • Felt fish: Prepare pre-cut felt fish shapes and have the children decorate them with sequins.