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Objective: To develop an awareness and appreciation for the cultural diversity within our church and society.

  1. Define culture and cultural diversity.
  2. Define stereotype and identify how you may have stereotyped people in the past.
  3. Study the following Bible texts and answer the questions:
    • 1 Corinthians 9:20. How does this text explain the importance for a Christian to have a cultural diversity awareness?
    • Galatians 3:27. What does this text say about all who are in the family of Christ?
    • Ephesians 2:14. What should be the result of accepting Christ Jesus into our lives? How do you plan to apply this message to your everyday life?
  4. Develop a friendship with a boy, girl, or older person from your church, school, or community whose cultural background is different from yours and conduct research from the following: library, internet, videos, encyclopedia, etc, about the culture. Arrange an interview with this family and answer the following questions:
    • Where did the culture originate?
    • What language is spoken?
    • What religions are prominent in that society?
    • What foods are typically eaten for:
      1. Breakfast
      2. Lunch
      3. Supper
    • How are eating habits influenced by the food available in that country?
    • Are there cultural traditions that are different from yours? What are they?
    • Do people of this culture celebrate the holidays that we celebrate? What customs do they have for celebrating the different holidays?
    • What customs or traditions from the original culture have been continued by the family in this country?
    • Is the dress different from dress in your culture?
    • Identify at least five ways in which you are similar and five things that make you different and tell how your attitude or feelings toward people of different cultural backgrounds has affected you. How do you feel about your differences?
    • Attend church with your friend if it is a different church than yours, or attend a church service of a different cultural group. Identify three similarities and three differences you observe in the church services.