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  1. Be at least in the 5th grade or ten years old.
  2. Understand and practice wilderness and camping etiquette, regarding preservation of the outdoors.
  3. Know eight things to do when lost.
  4. Be familiar with various types of sleeping equipment suitable to location and season.
  5. List personal items needed for a weekend campout.
  6. Plan and participate in a weekend camping trip.
  7. Know how to properly pitch and strike a tent.  Observe fire precautions when tent is in use.
  8. Know and practice the proper principles for camp sanitation for both primitive and established campsites.
  9. Properly use the knife and hatchet.  Know ten safety rules for their use.
  10. Fires:
    • Demonstrate ability to choose and prepare a fire site.
    • Know fire safety precautions.
    • Know how to properly strike a match.
    • Practice building a fire with use of one match, using only natural materials.
    • Demonstrate how to protect firewood in wet weather.
  11. Bake bread on a stick.
  12. Describe the proper procedures for washing and keeping clean the cooking and eating utensils.
  13. Describe sleeping wear and how to stay warm at night.
  14. Draw a spiritual object lesson from nature on your camping trip.
  15. Explain and practice the motto: “Take only pictures and leave only footprints.”