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  1. Create and decorate a clothing button container.
  2. Start a collection of clothing buttons. Variety is more important than quantity, though each child should have approximately fifty buttons.
  3. Decorate with buttons and/or complete a button craft.
  4. Play the “Button, button, who has the button?” game.
  5. Have a “Button Trade Night.”
  6. Read and discuss Hebrews 13:16.

Supporting Answers

  1. Use a container of our choice, such as an oatmeal box, tin, shoe box, or cloth bag. Decorate with buttons, paint, paper, etc.
  2. Ask family, friends, and church members for buttons.
  3. Some suggestions are: Sew buttons on clothing, glue buttons on to a frame, punch holes in heavy card stock and secure a button on back to create a card to send someone or to display buttons. Sew on small buttons to decorate napkins, place mats, or napkin rings. Stamp a design on cloth and add buttons. See “resources” for more button crafts.
  4. The children all stand (or sit) in a circle with their hands out, palms together. One child, takes a button and goes around the circle, putting their hands in everybody else’s hands one by one. In one person’s hands, they drop the button, though they continue to put their hands in the others’ so that no one knows where the button is except for the giver and receiver. The leader starts the other children guessing by saying, “Button, button, who’s got the button?” before each child’s guess. The child guessing replies with their choice, e.g. “Billy has the button!” If you have the button, you choose someone else so that no one knows it’s you. Once the child with the button is finally guessed, that child is the one to distribute the button and start a new round.
  5. It is important to make this a sharing event and avoid competition. Suggestion: Make teams, giving each team a specific amount of buttons and specific designs to make, but they have the option of trading buttons with other teams to complete their projects, which gives them a sense of sharing with others.
  6. Talk about how the children can be like Jesus by sharing with others.