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  1. Be able to identify the following terms:
    • a.       Foredge
    • b.       Gutter
    • c.       Endsheet
    • d.      Flysheet
    • e.       Signatureding
    • f.        Mull
    • g.       Backbone
    • h.       Head
    • i.         Foot
    • j.         Deckle edge
    • k.       Guarding sheets
    • l.         Headban
    • m.     Casing-in
    • n.       Buchram
  2. Describe the difference between the following binding methods:
    • a.       Perfect binding
    • b.       Hard bound
    • c.       Single signature
    • d.      Spiral (metal and plastic)
    • e.       Saddle stitch
  3. Perform the following:
    • a.       Bind a single signature hand binding “manuscript”.
    • b.       Bind a blank book using at least four signatures and a permanent cloth hard board binding, using a “case” method.
    • c.       The proper way to “break in” a new binding.
    • d.      Make a “slip case” for your blank book of at least four signatures.
  4. Identify and describe the uses for the following binder’s tools:
    • a.       Bone folder
    • b.       Kick press
    • c.       Folding needle
    • d.      Awls
    • e.       Sewing frame
    • f.        Squared card
    • g.       Punch
  5. Define the difference of paper weight in relationship to a ream of paper.
  6. Describe the color and properties of three types of adhesives used in the binding process and where they are used.
    • a.       Hot melt animal glue
    • b.       Casing-in paste
    • c.       Resin glues
  7. Know and list the five principle stages of hand binding
    • a.       Preparing the signatures
    • b.       Sewing up the signatures
    • c.       Gluing up the back
    • d.      Attaching the boards (covers)
    • e.       Finishing