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  • Know the basic rules of basketball.
  • What is the meaning of “Good Sportsmanship?”
  • Define the following terms:
a.             Air ball
b.            Backboard
c.             Back court
d.            Front court
e.             Baseline
f.             Block
g.            Bounce pass
h.            Double dribble
i.              Dribbling
j.              Fake
k.            Fast break
l.              Field Goal
m.          Fouled out
n.            Give and go
o.            Inbound
p.            Intentional Foul
q.            Jump ball
r.              The Key
s.             Loose ball foul
t.              Man to man
u.            One and one
v.            Perimeter
w.          Pick
x.            Press
y.            Rebound
z.             Shot
aa.         Steal
bb.        Team Fouls
cc.         Trap
dd.       Traveling
ee.         Turnover
ff.          Zone Defense
gg.        Center
hh.        Forwards
ii.            Guards
jj.            Jump shot
kk.        Lay up
ll.            Bank shot
mm.    Dunk
nn.        Hook shot
oo.        Free throw
pp.        Personal foul
qq.        Charging
rr.           Blocking
ss.          Technical foul
tt.           Three second violation
uu.        Five second rule
vv.        Ten second rule
ww.    Back court violation
xx.        Inbound violation
yy.        League
zz.         Three point shot
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different skills required at each position.
  • Demonstrate reasonable skill in the following areas:
a.             Shooting from the free throw line.
b.            Shooting from different positions around the basket
c.             Dribbling
d.            Passing
  • Spend at least 4 hours helping a less skilled or younger player improve their skills.
  • Play at least 5 games with family or friends. Show good sportsmanship during your practice and games.
  • Write a one page report on a famous basketball player. Discuss why they are or are not a good Christian role model.
  • Discuss with your Pathfinder leader, pastor or teacher the problems facing a Seventh-day Adventist youth considering sports in Jr. High, High School and college. What alternatives are there that allow for continued activity in sports.
  • Make a scale drawing of a basketball court properly laid out.