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It is essential that you plan to spend at least six months to a year working on this Honor. You must choose a date to start this Honor, and only projects started after this date will apply toward the Honor.

  1. Choose any two of the following and do them consistently for at least six months.
    • Read the Junior Morning Devotional book each day.
    • Faithfully study your Sabbath School lesson each week.
    • Faithfully follow the Jr. Bible Year reading plan.
    • Develop a personal prayer diary, listing people and requests you are praying for and answers to prayer.
    • Plan and conduct at least one family devotion a week.
  2. Choose three from the following:
    • Send five homemade cards with personal messages, poems, or Bible verses to people who are in need of encouragement.
    • Visit ten or more people and invite them to a special church or Pathfinder event.
    • Choose a friend and visit someone who was absent from Sabbath School or church. Take them a card and homemade treat. Have a sharing time about this experience with your family and pray for this person.
    • For one month keep your bedroom clean, your bed made, and do at least three kindness projects for each parent that show that you love them.
    • Collect fifteen left-over Guides and pass them out to absent Sabbath School members, children in hospitals, Laundromats, etc.
    • Take a cassette recording of your pastor’s sermon and special music to a shut-in for three weeks.
    • Call your pastor, church elder, or deacon and volunteer to help him with any task he wants you to do for a period of two hours each week for three weeks.
  3. Choose one of the following and do it with a group:
    • Look for yards that need raking, and rake and bag their leaves. In the winter, shovel snow or split firewood. Leave a note and Steps to Christ. Accept no money.
    • Plan a birthday party with games, presents, and treats at a nursing home for a patient who has a birthday close to yours.
    • Get the whole family involved in a witnessing project, such as giving Bible studies, passing out Steps to Christ to motels, adopting a needy family, doing a work project for an elderly person.
    • Read Matt. 25:35-40, then take a walk through your neighborhood and make a list of the needs of your neighbors. (Lonely, grass needs cutting, weeds need pulling, etc.) Go about taking care of as many needs as you can.
    • Respond to a tragedy in your community by personally getting involved in reaching out to help the people.
  4. Make up your own adventure, which must involve three different times of two hours each.